(Its time to build your own stuff. Begin with the production of a Repairkit)
  • Enter the Factory in the Station (Sectors with station are marked with a house icon on the Galaxy-Map)
  • Produce Repairkits (New Items can be produced in the Factory with Refined Asteroid Material)
  • Install Repairkits (Install equipment in the Hangar of the Station to upgrade your ship).

(During this mission the arrow indicates you where to go and which button to press.Can not be skipped by solar purchase)

After entering Factory the pop-up informing you: "For crafting items you need resources. You get resources by mining asteroids. So let's do this"

After entering moon asteroids sector pop-up informing to activate Mining Laser and to mine asteroids.

After enough quantity of asteroids materials was mined pop-up informing to deliver materials to Outpost and to Transfer materials to Station

After entering Factory on the Station pop-up informing to refine 200 raw Moonstone.

After Moonstone was refined choose "Production" button on the Factory, then select empty production slot. Repairkits belong to the Basics, so select Basics. Choose Repairkit. Start production.

Game will propose player to accelerate the production.

After this collect produced Repairkit.

Last step - to install Repairkit on Ship.

Exit Factory and enter Hangar. In the Weapons/ Repairkits slots select Repairkit. Choose "Restock" button. Press to "+" button to install produced Repairkits.

Mission Reward:

XP: Spacebucks:
120 250