Parts are the components required to build and upgrade most of the items in the game. They are obtained by mining materials, fighting pirates, or buying them with solar. They can be sold for space bucks.

Bronze PartsEdit

These are the most common parts and are easy to find. Each bronze part can be sold for 200 space bucks.

Current in-game bronze parts are:

Silver PartsEdit

Silver parts are uncommon, their drop rate is higher than Golden parts but lower than Bronze parts, they can be sold for 400 space bucks. In-game silver parts are:

Golden PartsEdit

The Golden Parts are the hardest parts to find, and they are essential in any Upgrading.They can be sold for 800 space bucks. In-game golden parts are:

Alien Parts Edit

Alien parts can only be obtained on Raid Missions and are used to upgrade alien technology added in the Hivespawn update. Current in-game Alien Parts are:

Alien Parts

Current in-game Alien Parts