A Fighter R
Shield capacity 27 000
Speed 300
Booster slots 2
Robot slots 2
Nuclear slots 1
Generator slots 2

About the ShipEdit

The Falcon is an Assault Class Fighter ship that features high-DPM and agility at the expense of shield power. Because of this the Falcon is prone to ambushes and is not effective alone in handicapped battles against other players. The Falcon has the special ability to not only equip standard weapons but also equip the Mark II versions of those weapons versions of those weapons.


A Falcon in Space


Материал Требования:


Upgrading Parts Requirements:

Part armor plate

Armor Plate

Part jet


Part enginepart


Upgrade Hours
1 8 4 2 4
2 16 8 4 8
3 24 12 6 12
4 32 16 8 24
5 48 24 12 48

Installable equipment [Levels]Edit

Every level increases the asteroids cargo +50.

  1. Launcher
  2. Boosters
  3. Robots
  4. Nuclear Warheads
  5. Generators


Energy :

Launcher :

Nuclear :

Strategy with the FalconEdit

  • It is ideal to fight pirates with a Falcon or a Prowler as they can kill many pirates quickly
  • Falcons are the most effective ships against Battle Fleets[citation needed]
  • Although a Falcon is the deadliest Assault Class ship[citation needed] it can not take down a Crusader easily
  • The Falcon's high speed and agility allows it to quickly escape from the enemies' target net
  • The Falcon's high speed makes it easy to pursue enemies